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Friday, March 19, 2010

So... what do you have on your loom now?

The question asked by a fellow weaver, " What do you have on your loom now?" is really a loaded question. There is a very guilty feeling I get looking at my empty loom. Beadmaking sucks up all my extra time now so it seems. But looking at my forlornly vacant loom yesterday the answer came to me, "My cat is on my loom right now." This is the time of year the warmth of a sunbeam moves over the loom and she slowly shifts with it. Whisper is a Ragdoll breed and is as much like a dog as I've ever met. She follows me from room to room, and chair to couch,napping on the bed with me, tucked against my spinning wheel, or under the loom. She can't follow me to the studio and sits curled up by the back door waiting until I come back in, hours later.

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  1. Since I suffer from ELS (empty loom syndrome) myself, I loved your answer! And I love your cat! Beautiful! My Rascal is similar in his behavior, a faithful and constant companion. My only complaint is that he never shuts up. He comments constantly.


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