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Saturday, January 15, 2011


I've gone through trying different packaging for my beads, from re-purposing wallpaper from big sample books,to sewing little packets with recycled upholstery samples, to leftover dyed wool from my spinning. Now I've ordered a lot of little boxes but have put off using them because of their dull light brown color. Not content to put my bright and sparkly beads in the dun colored boxes I've begun painting little watercolor gardens on them- such fun! I am not a painter but am enjoying filling these tiny "canvasses!"


  1. They look fantastic!! What a nice touch! :)

  2. Very pretty! I just found your beads today and oh my are they beautiful! I am dying for a shell or 2 (or 3) You will be getting an order from me sometime soon I am sure :-)
    Shannon C


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